Bulk SMS

Why Bulk SMS

The onset of mobile phones and its high rate of penetration brought significant changes in the advertising industry. As per reports, the number of mobile phones is more than one in many countries. Hence, SMS marketing is the best way to reach out o your customers. If you were missing this element in you advertising campaign, avail our bulk SMS services – dissemination of a large number of messages in one go. All the leading banks, enterprises and media companies use this service.

How It Is Done

Being one of the best Bulk SMS Company in India, we have the top-notch software that delivers SMSs to any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. These software packages allow us to send and receive bulk messages to the target customers. With the latest and most advanced versions, we can also detect duplicity and remove it. Further, we can set a specified time and date, when these messages are to be delivered, and this reduces the chances of human error. Most bulk SMS providers utilise the Application Programming Interface as this allows programmers to modify it without any hassle.

At Thinkers – a Bulk SMS services provider company in India – a number of services and products are offered that can assist you in sending bulk SMSs. Be it a running competition, notifying existing customers about alluring new deals, promotion of a product, invitation for an event or sending notifications to employees, you can avail our services. Our experts will suggest you about the best suited plan, depending on the number of SMSs, which need to be sent in one go.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

In this cut-throat competition, reaching out to customers and telling them about your products and services has become a mandate, and bulk SMS is one of the best tools to do so. You can avail services of a bulk SMS service provider and reduce the cost of operations. It saves time with instant transmission of a single message to multiple recipients, irrespective f their location. Communicating to all the target customers may take hours, and the time saved can be used in core functions.

The return of investment is quite high as it is targeted; hence, results in high effectiveness and efficiency. In addition to this, delivery of messages and responses are recorded that can be tracked, giving you a fair idea of where your investment is being used. Later, you can use this information to compare cost and revenue.